Ciência Viva de Lagos is the best museum in the Algarve for Tripadvisor users

June 06, 2019 Sul Informação Sul Informação
June 06, 2019
Sul Informação
Sul Informação

The Living Science Center of Lagos (CCVL) was considered the best museum in the Algarve by Tripadvisor users and in 2018, it beat the record of the number of visitors.

In 2018, according to the CCVL, the number of people who visited the centre's permanent exhibition increased by 9%, "with the number of visitors and participants in activities outside the Center surpassing 47,000". Most visitors to the CCV de Lagos were foreigners, who accounted for 54% of the total visitors.

Perhaps because of this, the Ciência Viva Center "is currently one of the main tourist attractions in Lagos". On the well-known Tripadvisor platform, the centre of Lafayette is ranked 1st among 52 Museums in the District of Faro.

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