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The Ir Group began its activity based on the impetus of "Give New Worlds to the World", a concept as Portuguese and as proper as "saudade".


We face each day as an opportunity to create new challenges and reach for new achievements. Our very own permanent ambition for progress dictates our way of being, which does not differ in the sphere of business, we strive to establish relationships and generate lasting value in the long run.

Ir Group began its activity based on the impetus of "Give New Worlds to the World" this concept as Portuguese and as proper as "saudade". With this inspiration, we recovered some degraded spaces in Lisbon, but it was in Sesimbra that we started our first big project with the rehabilitation of the old Hotel Villas de Sesimbra. The obsolete Hotel Villas de Sesimbra is reborn in 2018 in the form of Mercure Ocean Sesimbra, a sophisticated and welcoming hotel that will bring a huge breath of fresh air to the city of Sesimbra and its people. In 2017, along with the audacious project, IR Group embraces new challenges, complementary to its main activity. It inaugurates 9D Portugal and 9D International, both related to immersive experiences of virtual reality. Develops IR Development, directed to the advisory of new companies and virtual office spaces, and starts the Lagos Beach Resort & SPA project, which contemplates the recovery of the former Hotel Golfinho.

why portugal

Portugal is considered a paradise, peaceful, safe and full of life.
Portugal is considered a paradise, peaceful, safe and full of life. The Lusitanian lands are blessed with a wonderful climate and famous for their hospitality and their Mediterranean food, full of color, aromas and incredible flavors.

Portugal is situated in the extreme southwest of Europe, just a few hours from the main European capitals. It occupies an area of 88,889 square kilometers and is bordered to the north and east by Spain, to the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal has been a member of the European Union since 1986 and is also a member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries).
Its capital is Lisbon, already considered the European capital with more sunny days, an average of 300 days a year, with a mild temperature, generally superior to 15Cº.

The real estate investment market in Portugal attracted the interest of foreign investors when we joined the euro in 1999. The reduction of foreign exchange risks and the positive evolution of the retail and office sectors act as a magnet for foreign investment. The market is currently highly transparent and regulated by the most demanding organizations and professionals in the industry. According to the Cushman & Wakefiel Report, in 2016, the Portuguese real estate investment market has generated quite interesting return levels.
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