Luxury houses in the historical centre of Lisbon cost an average of 900 thousand. Chiado reaches 2 million

June 05, 2019 Jornal de Negócios Rafaela Burd Relvas Dinheiro Vivo
June 05, 2019
Jornal de Negócios
Rafaela Burd Relvas
Dinheiro Vivo

In the more expensive districts of Lisbon's historic centre, luxury homes were sold last year at an average of close to 900 thousand euros. In Chiado, the capital's historic downtown district with the most expensive high-end houses, average sales prices reached almost two million.

The data are from the Residential Information System of Confidential Imobiliário and show that real estate sales in the city of Lisbon amounted to 6 billion euros in 2018, representing a 38% increase and a new record, in a total of 13 thousand transactions. This means that each property, regardless of purpose or range, was sold at an average of more than 460 thousand euros.

Also by the official figures of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), it is possible to know the value of the square meter in each parish, although there is no data for the neighbourhoods. Santo António, where Avenida da Liberdade is located, is the most expensive parish in Lisbon, where the median price of the square meter is 4,532 euros. The parishes of Misericórdia (where Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré are located) and Santa Maria Maior (encompassing Chiado and Baixa), these two parts of the historical centre, where the median values ​​of the square meter were 3,898 euros and 3,825 euros, respectively.

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