The prices at which the houses are being sold in all counties of the country

April 16, 2019 Negócios Nuno Carregueiro e Raquel Godinho O Corvo
April 16, 2019
Nuno Carregueiro e Raquel Godinho
O Corvo

House prices continue to rise at a good pace in Portugal and the most notable valuations are in Lisbon, Porto and other major cities. The upward trend is dominant, but the discrepancy in values is still quite high, as can be seen in the map above, which was prepared by the Business based on data released this week by INE.

In the ranking of the national municipalities, Lisbon again stands out with the median price of sale of houses higher: 2,877 euros per square meter. Cascais and Oeiras occupy the second and third positions, with prices of 2,167 euros per square meter and 1,878 euros per square meter, respectively.

Among the cities with more than 100 thousand inhabitants, Lisbon had the highest average selling price (2,877 euros per square meter) and also the highest growth compared to the same period of last year (24.3%). "Over the same period, all cities with more than 100 thousand inhabitants registered a rise in housing prices, particularly in the cities of Porto and Braga, the only cities where the year-on-year rate of change decreased compared to the second quarter of 2018 ", adds the INE.

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