The appreciation of outdoor spaces drives the real estate market in Portugal

March 21, 2023 casa e jardim
March 21, 2023
casa e jardim

In recent years, the appreciation of outdoor spaces in Portugal has grown, which has boosted the real estate market. The possibility of having balconies, terraces and gardens has become a decisive factor for many buyers when choosing a property.

The preference for green areas is also accommodated in the urban regions of the country. Cities like Lisbon and Porto have seen an increase in demand for developments with outdoor spaces, especially in more central neighbourhoods.

This trend has led builders to rethink their projects and invest in green areas and comfortable spaces for residents. Properties that offer these types of spaces end up being more valued in the real estate market.

IR Group, a company specializing in real estate investments in Portugal, has followed this trend of proximity and is concerned with creating leisure spaces in developments to ensure the appreciation of real estate.

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