The role of technology in the real estate market: digital tools transform the way of buying and selling real estate

March 06, 2023 clearsale
March 06, 2023

With the advancement of technology, the use of digital tools in the real estate market is increasingly common. In Portugal, the sector has also followed this trend, and digitalization has shown to be an efficient solution to optimize processes and meet customer demands.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of digital platforms for buying and selling real estate has intensified, making it possible today to carry out virtual visits, sign contracts electronically and carry out financial transactions online. This facility allows people to conduct business far away.

In addition, digitization allows owners to increase their online presence, creating profiles on social networks, websites and blogs to share quality relevant information and content with their target audience. Through these platforms, it is possible to engage with customers, strengthen the brand and even make sales.

IRgroup is a real estate company that has closely followed digitalization trends in the real estate market. With a presence on social networks, IRgroup seeks to be ever closer to its customers, sharing relevant information and tips on the real estate sector. Follow IRgroup on social media and stay up to date with news on the real estate market in Portugal.

Therefore, it is essential that companies in the real estate market in Portugal are prepared for this digitalization trend and invest in solutions that meet the needs of customers. Following IRgroup's social networks is an excellent way to keep up to date with market news and take advantage of opportunities that will arise.

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