Already 117,000 millionaires in Portugal with real estate help

December 09, 2019 ECO Leonor Mateus Ferreira Idealista
December 09, 2019
Leonor Mateus Ferreira

More than 117 thousand people in Portugal have a wealth of over one million dollars (equivalent to almost 900 thousand euros). The number of rich at the highest level increased in 2019 from the previous year, with more than half of the wealth from non-financial assets in a year when real estate prices soared in the country.

Boosting property in Portugal has been the real estate boom. If financial wealth per adult fell to $ 55,547 (from the previous $ 56,214), non-financial wealth per adult grew to $ 98,928 (from the previous 96,857). Debt per adult remained broadly unchanged at $ 23,387.

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