IR Group participates in the International Hotel Investment Forum

March 06, 2019 IR Group IR Group IR Group
March 06, 2019
IR Group
IR Group
IR Group

From March 4th to 6th, IR Group was in Berlin to take part in the 22nd edition of the International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF) in one of the largest international hotel events.
The IHIF has gathered, in the German capital, about 2,300 hospitality market professionals from 80 different countries.

IR Group has established contacts with the main hotel management players worldwide. We have promoted synergies for new partnerships, in the area of hotel management. And also started new complementary partnerships with multinational companies in the F&B and New Tech areas.

The main objectives of the forum were to network and share valid experiences in the sector in order to promote sustained industry growth. It was based on the implementation of new growth strategies for all stakeholders, addressing the main emerging destinations, the optimization of asset management and the design of alternative forms of accommodation.

We believe that IHIF has enabled us to establish a networking set that will surely raise the level of quality of IR Group. At the same time, we can improve the know-how of the hotel industry and obtain greater visibility and international renown.

IR Group

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