Web Summit - about 70 thousand people are expected

November 06, 2018 Observador José Pedro Mozos Tech.eu
November 06, 2018
José Pedro Mozos

The Web Summit is set to peak this Friday night. The notice was made by its founder on social networks. On Twitter, Paddy Cosgrave announced that tickets for the conference "will run out tomorrow at midnight or even before". In a sort of appeal to the final race, the also president of the Web Summit left a last warning for those who still could not buy tickets.

Hours earlier, Cosgrave had used the same vehicle to announce that tickets were due to run out only on Sunday, the eve of the opening of this year's edition, lamenting that "people wait until the last minute" to buy tickets. The information was corrected in just three hours, this time without any laments to the mix.

A few days before the technology summit, the organization announced that this would be "the biggest and the best" edition ever, hoping to receive more than 70,000 participants. The capacity has been increasing from year to year and has forced to adjust the conditions. Also on Twitter, Paddy Cosgrave ensured that the Wi-Fi service was strengthened to meet the needs of the participants.

The organization agreed with the Government and the Lisbon City Council that the Web Summit will remain in the capital for the next ten years. One of the objectives is to double the number of participants as well as the space dedicated to the summit. Next year, it is estimated that 100,000 people will attend the largest technology and entrepreneurship conference in Europe.

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