Algarve Cooking Vacations wins an award at Travel Food Awards

November 02, 2018 Sul Informação Sul Informação Lisbonne Idee
November 02, 2018
Sul Informação
Sul Informação
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"Algarve Cooking Vacations" won the "Best Project 2018" award in the "International Brand" category of the Travel Food Awards.

These awards, organized by the Italian Tourism Press Association (GIST), were presented during the TTG Travel Experience, the main tourism fair for professionals held in Italy.

"Algarve Cooking Vacations" is a pioneering program of culinary and oenological learning, which aims to create new tourist routes focused on the region's gastronomy and wines, in order to meet international demand trends.

Promoted by the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA), the Algarve Tourism Association and Tertúlia Algarvia, the project was distinguished in Italy, one of the Algarve's fastest-growing tourist markets in terms of overnight stays until July of this year (+25.5 %).

Launched in 2017, "Algarve Cooking Vacations" aims to create culinary and oenological holiday programs in the Algarve, through the partnership of several regional agents.

To this end, a study was carried out to learn about the market and current trends. A number of actions are planned, ranging from thematic workshops, edition of a recipe book and other Algarve wines, international promotion actions and a digital marketing campaign.

The "Algarve Cooking Vacations" program is co-financed by CRESC Algarve 2020 - Algarve Regional Operational Program.

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