Discover the charms of living in Palmela

February 29, 2024 IR Group
February 29, 2024
IR Group

Palmela, a hidden treasure between Lisbon and Setúbal, offers a unique quality of life, where the tranquillity of nature is just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In this article, we will explore the charms of this town, highlighting its strategic location, the International Bilingual School and the safe and serene environment that characterizes Palmela.

Privileged location

Palmela, strategically located, is an ideal spot for those looking for a balance between the countryside and the city. Just 40 minutes from Lisbon and 15 minutes from Setúbal, it offers easy access to urban amenities without losing the tranquillity that characterizes the region.

International Bilingual School

Standing out as a center of educational excellence, the Colégio Internacional Bilingue in Palmela provides an elite education from nursery school to secondary school. Prepare your children's future with an innovative, high-quality educational environment.

Tranquillity and security

Palmela is synonymous with peace and security. Living here means enjoying a serene environment, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, where nature is your closest neighbor. Quiet streets, green landscapes and pure air contribute to a unique quality of life.

Connection with nature

Palmela's charms include a unique natural environment. Whether through the parks, nature reserves or vineyards that characterize the region, communion with nature is a constant, providing a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

In Palmela, life flows in harmony with nature, offering an irresistible combination of convenience, quality education and serenity. By choosing this town, you invest not just in a place to live, but in a lifestyle that lasts.

Find out more about the unique lifestyle on offer in Palmela and explore the modern and captivating residential development, Palmela Residence. An opportunity to experience the best of life, connecting with nature and modernity. Find out more about this innovative project at

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