Short-term rentals in Portugal: The new real estate phenomenon

October 31, 2023
October 31, 2023

Short-term rentals are on the rise in Portugal, and in this article, we'll explore the growing popularity of this market and offer valuable tips for landlords who want to get in on this phenomenon. If you're thinking of renting out your short-term property in Portugal, this guide is essential.

Portugal has been a leading tourist destination in Europe, and as a result, the demand for temporary homes has skyrocketed. Short-term rentals, as advertised through platforms such as Airbnb, have become the preferred choice for travelers looking for authentic experiences.

The growth of short-term rentals

In recent years, Portugal has seen a significant increase in tourism, with visitors eager to explore its historic cities, stunning beaches and unique culture.
Travelers are looking for accommodation that offers flexibility and comfort, making short-term rentals a popular choice.

Cities such as Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve region are hot destinations for these rentals, with a variety of property options available.

Advantages for owners

- Renting out your property on a short-term basis can be highly profitable, especially in tourist areas.
- Flexibility: Owners can choose when to make their properties available and who to rent them to.
- Greater control: Owners can maintain the condition of the property and personalize the guest experience.

Tips for owners looking to enter the market

- Invest in décor and furnishings to create an inviting and comfortable environment for guests. 
- Develop a competitive pricing strategy based on demand in your region and local events.
- Maintain efficient communication with guests and be available to help during their stay.
- Be aware of local and tax regulations related to short-term rentals.

Short-term rentals represent a lucrative opportunity for property owners. With the continued growth of tourism, offering temporary benefits can be a significant source of income. If you want to exploit the short-term rental market, make sure you do so strategically and professionally.

Contact us at IR Group for expert guidance on how to maximize the potential of your short-term rental property in Portugal. Start reaping the benefits of this growing market now!

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