Living And Retiring Overseas Post The Coronavirus

May 19, 2020 Forbes Kathleen Peddicord Engel & Völkers
May 19, 2020
Kathleen Peddicord
Engel & Völkers

#1: Portugal’s Algarve Coast

Portugal’s Algarve region is not only a top option for retirement in one of the best places in the world to live thanks to its:

Year-round Sunshine: Portugal have the most stable climates in the world and 3,300 hours of sunshine per year.

Safety: Portugal ranks as the third safest country in the world.

Good Infrastructure: Portugal has enjoyed important infrastructure investments in recent years.

International Standard Health Care: Health care in Portugal is high quality and a fraction the cost of health care in the United States. If you become a resident, public health care is free.

Golf: Portugal’s Algarve region boasts 42 courses in less than 100 miles.

Great Beaches: The European Blue Flag Association has awarded 88 beaches recognized by their excellent water quality and environmental standards. 

Affordable Cost Of Living: The cost of living in Portugal is among the lowest in Western Europe.

The Language: English is widely spoken.

Healthy Living: The Portuguese are the biggest fish eaters per capita in Europe, and fresh fish of great variety is available in the ever-present daily markets.

Retiree Residency: Portugal offers the most user-friendly residency option in the Euro-zone.

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