Algarve in the light of Michelin stars

January 09, 2019 Visão Manuel Gonçalves da Silva Time Out Lisboa
January 09, 2019
Manuel Gonçalves da Silva
Time Out Lisboa

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WILLIE'S (1 Michelin Star) - CHIEF: WILLIE WURGER: In the living room or in the garden, the number of seats is the same, and the refinement as well. Only the environment changes, being a bit more relaxed on the outside.

BON BON (1 Michelin Star) - CHIEF: LOUIS ANJOS: The exceptional quality of this restaurant was a well-kept secret for those who frequented it in Carvoeiro, until it was awarded a Michelin Star in 2016, repeating it in the following years.

SÃO GABRIEL (1 Michelin Star) - CHIEF: LEONEL PEREIRA: The history of São Gabriel is long and virtuous, being the second restaurant in the Algarve to reach a Michelin Star in 1995. It came to lose it in 2013, in a period of change, and to recover it the following year, with the Algarvian chief Leonel Pereira and his kitchen of Portuguese inspiration.

OCEAN (2 Michelin Stars) - CHIEF: HANS NEUNER: Opened in 2007, he won the first Michelin Star in 2010 and, in 2012, wins the second Star, which is always with the Austrian Hans Neuner as chief executive.

VISTA (1 Michelin Star) - CHIEF: JOÃO OLIVEIRA: The Michelin Star expected in 2017, for being more than justified, has arrived this year, and is yet another recognition of the merits of the restaurant and the chef. Chief João Oliveira, at age 31, is one of the greatest certainties of Portuguese cuisine.

HENRIQUE LEIS (1 Michelin Star) - CHIEF: HENRIQUE LEIS: The name of the restaurant also identifies its owner and chef: Henrique Leis. In 2000, it received the first Michelin Star and has already gone on 18 consecutive years with it to confirm the quality and consistency of the project.

DIETER KOSCHINA: Vila Joya is a project from the beginning of the 90s, released by the German couple Claudia and Klaus Jung. Being the immediate result: recognition of the quality by the gastronomes and the Michelin Guide, which awarded it a Star in 1994 and two Stars in 1999, an unprecedented fact in Portugal.

GUSTO BY HEINZ BECK (1 Michelin Star) - CHIEF HEINZ BECK: One of the novelties of this year was the Michelin Star attributed to the restaurant of the hotel Conrad Algarve. And not only the gastronomy captivates us, but also the Scandinavian-inspired design, named after Conrad Hilton's father, Augustus, and the contemporary environment, which is as sober and functional as it is elegant.

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