Portugal becomes the second home of the Brazilians

October 04, 2018 Folha de Pernambuco Matheus Jatobá Lisbonne Idee - Évora
October 04, 2018
Folha de Pernambuco
Matheus Jatobá
Lisbonne Idee - Évora

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Brazilians are increasingly seeking new ways of investing their money overseas due to the country's current political and economic situation. Portugal has been one of the countries receiving a good number of Brazilians, proof of this is the 110,000 Brazilians living legally in the European country.

One of the facilitators and attractors to reside and invest in Portuguese cities, to acquire some franchise venture or network is simpler because the bureaucratic issues are faster and more practical in the country, as evidenced by the high number of real estate transactions last year, which received a total volume of $ 2.1 billion, up 61 percent from 2016, according to the Global Investment Atlas 2018 report.

Still according to the director, one option that appears as interesting for Brazilians is the Golden Visa. The program created by the Portuguese government allows the foreigner who makes a real estate investment between 350 thousand and 500 thousand euros to receive a residence permit immediately in the country.

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